Photographing a big event is only half the job. Producing extensive editorial coverage is the other. Farrington has been doing both successfully for over 25 years. Pictures and words must join together to tell a compelling and eye-catching story.

Shooting with an eye for publication and working collaboratively with editors, reporters, columnists, and clients on deadline, Farrington delivers professionally processed image files with concise written captions and messages that go into immediate production. For most assignments, Farrington will work with clients in advance to plan specific shots, accompanying text, headline and other information for specific media.

When "on the ground" shooting, however, spontaneity can be the name of the game and Farrington is well known for his intuitive knack of capturing precise moments that visually define his assignments.

For over 15 years, Roger Farrington has provided complete packages of Photography, Public Relations and Media Relations Consulting Services for many small and medium sized arts, cultural and medical non-profit organizations. Many of these cannot afford to retain PR agencies, or hire in-house PR professionals and often delegate this important task to already overworked executive directors, development directors, or special events managers. In these instances, Farrington can take the pressure off a stressful environment by leading organizations step-by-step through the process. Farrington also works with larger organizations with extensive in-house (or externally retained) PR professionals to manage specific outreach projects such as major announcements, anniversary events, or smaller and more targeted "boutique" initiatives.

With goals towards increasing an organization's base of community support and membership, increasing its brand visibility in the fundraising community, and broadening development and sponsorship opportunities, Farrington's extensive experience in leveraging all aspects of Public/Private Partnerships for media exposure makes him a valuable member of your team.

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